What is this app all about?

This calculation site is used in order to maximize the crafting profit in the game LOST ARK.

Trade Items are materials that is being required to craft Battle Items.

Battle Items are consumables that will be sold after being crafted.

The whole point is to track both Trade and Battle items' prices in order to calculate the most profitable battle item that can be crafted. The idea here is to create a public calculation form that doesn't require everyone to do it all over again.

How does this site work?

Profit rates are always updated in response to price adjustments for trade or battle items. The app performs all calculations automatically; all you have to do is enter prices that are current at the time.

To use this app efficiently, check last update time of items and see the highest Profit Rate in battle items. It is recommended to update prices if last update is more than 6 hours.


How to use the app?

All you have to do is enter prices that are current at the time.

You can start changing prices here:

Current Best Profit Rates

img Item Name Profit Rate
Marching Flag 196.94%
Sacred Bomb 181.04%
Destruction Bomb 172.41%
Whirlwind Grenade 165.65%
Time Stop Potion 152.40%
Stimulant 130.27%
Dark Grenade 118.96%
Atropine Potion 114.88%
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